Volume Purchase Options

Learning Credits, Coupons or Office Productivity Club

IMPACT Professional Training offers three easy and flexible volume purchasing options to cover your Office Productivity and Workplace Fundamentals needs.

Option 1: Learning Credits is the most flexible option where you lock in an across-the-board discount level for classes and you can use for any employee in your organization. Learning Credits are valid for 18 months. Learn more about Learning Credits.

Option 2: Coupons are purchased at a discounted price and can be used for any employee and valid for 18 months. Coupons are redeemed one coupon per day of training. Learn more about Training Coupons.

Option 3: Clubs, gives one student access to a wide range of courses at a fixed price for 12 months. A Club student can take as many classes as they need over 12 months. Choose from our Office Professional Club or Office Professional Club+. Learn more about Clubs.